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Scr.im: Protect Your Email from Spam

Once you step into the social web, email in hand, you’re going to get slammed with spam! Most of it from bots and automated systems to scrape emails off the numerous places found on the social web.  Scr.im helps to protect your email and makes it a ton easier to share on the social web, like in your tweets and on Facebook.  Scr.im is as simple as 1-2-3.

Scr.im Step 1

Enter your email and choose your shortened URL for the email.

Scr.im Step 2

Click “Tips” and record your new groovy email link and/or “share” to spread the word!

Scr.im Step 3

Try it out, use it, share it. Whenever you share your email via the social web, use your nifty Scr.im address…

When someone clicks on the email link, they will be asked to verify they are human and not a lame spammer!

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