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Facebook’s New Profiles

Yesterday, Facebook announced the introduction of the new profile with features to give users a better snapshot of each other.  Layout and features focus on multimedia, including images, video and letting you feature your favorite connections.

Note:  Facebook is not forcing the upgrade.  All users will have the choice to upgrade their profile…

New Introduction

The new introduction will now feature more of who you are including tagged photos of you.


According to the announcements, users will be able to share more of what they’re doing in work, school and play–and even be able to share experiences they are having with other friends.

Common Interests

You’ll now be able to share more of what interests you, as well as connect with others who share the same interests.  Your interests will now show up as images in a row.  They are definitely moving to a bigger visual experience.

Special Friends

You’ll now be able to create special connection lists, by work, personal, family and more.


When you visit a friend’s profile, you’ll be able to see the things that connect you, including:

  • Mutual friends
  • Events you’re both planning to attend
  • Shared groups, photos, Wall posts and more

You can read Facebook’s announcement here and upgrade to the new profile here.

Update:  An In-Depth Review

Inside Facebook has an excellent post, with an in-depth review regarding how the new Facebook profiles are possibly dangerous to user privacy and user data collection.  Interesting read, before you do the switch.

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