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About.me Striking Social Profiles

Last year, About.me began developing a new social profile platform — similar to the many available, but yet so different and striking.  In October, they began to allow Beta entrants and the reservation of names.  Last week, they opened their doors to everyone.

What makes About.me different from the many options you have available is the striking simplicity of the profile you can create.  About.me is the only social profile site, to date, that allows you to use high resolution images to create a profile the truly reflects your personality.

They really are striking…

Marketing Takeaway

First things first. When you’re building a presence online for yourself (as a consultant, entrepreneur, etc) or for your business — always remember the hub-and-spoke approach.  The more places you can be found, the better.

Yes, there is a difference between visibility and engagement… you need both.  Sites like About.me allow you to build one more place (easily I might add) that can link to your website, blog and social connections.

About.me lets you have visibility in style. I can see real value in About.me for creative types, artists, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors and the like.

Leave a comment and link to your new About.me, I’d love to see them!

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