Social Media

Are you throwing up at the social media party?

Not more than a year ago, many online experts referred to social media’s place in the online world as a bunch of cocktail parties across a cities throughout the world.  I still like this analogy.  At social media parties there are always people who know each other.  There are friends of friends connecting together.  And while the dynamics of every party is different — different crowds, different environments — the vibe clicks.

But… there is always some “you-know-what-hole” who crashes the party. You know the one.  The guy (or gal) that no one knows.  They come in, disrupt the flow… and by the end of the night, they’ve done thrown up all over someone or something… at a party they weren’t invited to in the first place.

Seriously, major party foul!

In the case of social media, those party crashing “you-know-what-holes” are coming out in large numbers.

Are you the the one who keeps crashing the party and throwing up all over everyone, like you don’t have any sense?

If you’re vomiting links and promos, promising fame and fortune, in a projectile motion across Twitter, Facebook, and every other place you can automatically blast… you ARE the one.

If you’re crashing parties you have no business being at — spamming hash tags or using otherwise vomit smelling tactics for “visibility” — you ARE the one.

… and that’s why you’ll always be 86′d from my parties and any other parties where grown folks hang!

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