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17 Twitter for Business Ideas

There are many local and small businesses using Twitter as a marketing tool. We’ve seen the headlines highlighting stand out examples of businesses using Twitter–yet many local, small businesses still have not gone beyond 101 activities.  Let’s look at the many ways businesses can leverage Twitter.

Our list is assuming you’re familiar with the basics of how to use Twitter and already have a presence.

17 Twitter for Business Ideas

  1. Use Twitter to poll your  followers–opinions on hot topics, soft market research, what they want questions, etc.
  2. Create a Twitter account specifically in addition to RSS as an means for staying up to date on new resources (blog articles, white papers, company news.)
  3. Use #hashtags to aggregate tweets based on purpose (deals/offers versus blog posts, etc)
  4. Use Twitter lists to separate departments (if applicable) or a list of business employees.
  5. Use Twitter as an additional avenue of customer service for your customers.
  6. Offer Twitter only discounts or coupons, like a weekly Tweet lunch special for local restaurant.
  7. Use Twitter to humanize your business, share pictures, videos and fun tweets that highlight the personalities behind your business.
  8. Share sneak peaks into coming projects, products and other events.
  9. Use a #hashtag to solicit customer testimonials and/or feedback, publicize it on your blog/website.
  10. Add the retweet button to single posts, products and pages on your website.
  11. If you’re business is using a WordPress blog, install Simple Twitter Connect to allow people to easily share and comment using Twitter account.
  12. Create a Twitter loyalty program, when customers use their smart phone to tweet their patronage at point of sale they receive 10% upon showing your cashier… this doesn’t cost anything on your part and let’s you test your Twitter audience.  You’ll soon find out who your loyal, tech savvy customers are–you’ll want to leverage them for future social media campaigns.
  13. Use Twitter to garner support for a local charity donation drive hosted by your company–donate a % of revenue from 1-day event to support a local charity.  Good works are great for sales.
  14. Organize a tweetup or make yours local business the location of a tweetup–offering a discount for all attendees.
  15. Run a trivia contest, with a special discount or gift tied to participation/winner.  These work best when done at scheduled intervals that are consistent.
  16. Engage with your followers on a personal basis, don’t keep it all about you or your promotions.
  17. Share local news that is relevant to the community you serve.

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