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Week in Review: Social Media, Blog Marketing, and More

Week in review, my time to share the brilliance and knowledge from across the Net.  And, this past week was packed with many valuable resources from social media marketing and blogging to great internet marketing tips anyone can use.

Business Blogging and Blog Marketing Resources

  • 16 Ideas for Free Products and Building Leads by Winning the Web
  • Creating Easily Digestible Content by CopyBlogger
  • Are You Blogging for Money or Fun by Jack Humphrey
  • 4 Main Reasons You Should be Linking in Blogs by Tony Adam
  • What to do When People Unsubscribe by Daily Blog Tips\
  • Guest Posting Mistakes to Avoid by ProBlogger

Social Media Marketing and Optimization Resources

  • Do You Have to Touch Every Conversation? by Chris Brogan
  • Sharing and Self-Promotion are Always Two Way Streets by Louis Gray
  • 7 Factors of a Good Niche Social Networking Site by Traffickd
  • Why Social Media May Not Be Right For You by Search Engine Land
  • Establishing Your Online Credentials with Social Media by the Blog Herald
  • Social Media Marketing and 3 Levels of Products by SMM Guru
  • Responsible Social Media Respecting People One at a Time by Liz Strauss
  • Using SWOT for Social media Strategy by Jacob Morgan
  • Twitter is a Social Network by Valeria Maltoni *** Must Read, Top Pick ***

Internet Marketing Resources and Other Cool Stuff

  • Boost Your Sales by Turning Customers Inside-Out by CopyBlogger
  • How to Use Yahoo Pipes to Build RSS Mashups by Caroline Middlebrook
  • 25 Different Uses for FriendFeed by Louis Gray
  • How to Be Useful on Twitter Without Going Crazy by TwiTip
  • Juice Up Your Business with Cross Marketing by Shoe Money
  • SEO Strategies for Small Clients in a Recession by SEO Theory
  • Facebook Pages Versus Facebook Groups by Mari Smith
  • Online Content Marketing for Everyone by Junta24 Blog

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