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Online Marketing Success Secret Sauce

… is there such a thing?  Yes and no.  The one question I get asked is whether there’s a system, package, or “secret sauce” to online marketing success.  Its simple and complicated at the same time…

The secret formula depends on what your goals are, who your audience is, the combined efforts of your online marketing arsenal, and many other considerations need to be made.   My next comment?  Why chase a secret sauce of some so-called guru?  Why not create your own sauce… you know, in case your not up for chasing the secret weapon of the month.  Just a thought.

It seems more and more people are looking for a quick fix, fast ride… some kind of pill, magic tool box… online marketing takes work, consistency, and time.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution.  For anyone, and any online marketing expert that asserts they have it is a ****, or not telling the entire truth.  Not all online marketing strategies work for every one.  And certainly, nothing ever happens over night — 99% of the time.

If being one of the 1% is what’s driving your online marketing goals, you might as well save your self the time and play the darn lottery.  You’d likely have better chances than that.  Yes, direct marketers have been and will continue to be successful.  Yes, a lot of people make money on the Internet.  Me?  I’d rather find my passion and use the Internet as leverage, while still providing value for my clients.  I’m just not a “secret sauce” chasing kind of girl.

Listen, online marketing is much like anything else in your business.  Its takes real planning, a real understanding of your online audience, and a real effort in using the various online marketing tools — consistency, purposefully, and wisely.  Not all online marketing tools are created equal and using one because someone else gets results is like a dog chasing its tail — you never really get anywhere quick.

Here’s a great post by Caroline Middlebrook, “Keep Your Dirty Little Secrets to Yourself!”  She covers the topic very well and as always, keeps it real.  Great read too.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!  Don’t be stingy

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