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Get More Free Publicity Than You Can Handle Using Your Blog!

… This news is definately worth sharing.  In a recent study, conducted by Brodeur and MarketWire, some great news about how to get free publicity, whether online or offline, using your blog.  Note the survey doesn’t expressly state this, but its common sense.

  • Over 75% of reporters see blogs as helpful in giving them story ideas, story angles and insight into the tone of an issue
  • 70% of reporters check a blog list on a regular basis
  • 21% of reporters spend over an hour per day reading blogs
  • 57% of reporters read blogs at least two to three times a week
  • 16% have their own social networking page
  • 48% say they are “lurkers” – in that they read but rarely comment on blogs

What does this tell us?

Journalists are getting tech-savvy, exploring online, and using the blogosphere to guide them in developing story ideas!!!

Do you see the connection?  A major form of publicity entails your expert status – interviews, information requests, references — journalists (whether print, online, radio, or otherwise) are looking to the Internet — more specifically the blogosphere for direction.

Are you missing one of the easiest ways to get free publicity?  Do yourself a favor and get a blog.  If you already have one, get it out there!

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