Costly SEO Myths

Take a trip down marketing lane in Google and you’ll find plenty of SEO myths shared as fact.  Like old wives tales, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, costing business owners dearly in wasted time and focus.

Myth #1, Pagerank is King

You’d be amazed at the number of inquiries my team receives for SEO services that listincreasing Pagerank as a specific objective.  Pagerank is only one of many factors Google uses when ranking websites.  Obsessing over it is a complete waste of time, much less using it as a key objective in your SEO strategies.

Myth #2, All Rank is Good Rank

All rankings are not created equal.  First page rankings does not necessarily equate to valuable traffic, just like it doesn’t mean your SEO expert is truly an expert.

Case in point:

  1. your name:  Bartholomew Greenwich
  2. your domain:

How hard do you think it is going to be to achieve first page (likely #1) rankings here?  Not very.  Would search traffic from the keyword of your name be valuable?  Not necessarily. Any data or promises you receive from an SEO expert needs to be put in context.

Myth #3, SEO is Exact Science

We wish.  It would certainly be a much easier task.  SEO is an art that requires equal parts of experience and knowledge.

Too often correlation is confused with causation.  There’s also the matter of change.  Change is a constant in the search industry.

SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategy. SEO is an investment of time and resources that doesn’t just happen with H tags and keywords.

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