Does Google Page Rank Really Matter?

Well, yes and no… It is like a double-edge sword with Google. On one end, we all need to deal with the web conglomerate – or your bascially dead in the water online. On the other end, not appropriately managing your Google “relationship” can sometimes cause more problems than positives – especially if you are unable to manage the various tools Google offers.

Google Page Rank in and of itself can provide some very useful information – depending on who you ask. But can it hurt your online efforts? Can it actually help you make better online marketing decisions. This is where the “yes” and “no” come in, with a little “maybe” added on top.

Let’s start with the basics; for those of you still living in a cave… Google Page Rank, according to Wikipedia, is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set.” In other words, its a darn “rating” system, based on relative-weighted positioning.

Google basically assigns a weighted numeric value (from 0-10) for every webpage on the Internet. Its tells us, in general, how important your webpage is in the eye’s of the almighty Google. A Google Page Rank of 5 is more important than a Page Rank of 1… I wonder if websites have self-esteem issues ???

In any case, Google Page Rank is a component of Google Toolbar. Once you install it on your browser, your more likely to understand it as you see it working. So, the important question is: What the haiti does all this mean to me?

A very good question indeed. What it means depends on who you talk to. Some Internet Marketing experts advise to “ignore” Google Page Rank – as most of the Internet Marketing activities you’ll engage in all contribute to your Page Rank positively, so who cares. Other Internet Marketing gurus suggest it is the meter for measuring your online strategy success. I tend to take the middle road on this one… and it seems common sense to me.

Here’s a list of considerations made for Google Page Rank in all the online marketing strategies I employ:

Monitoring your Google Page Rank, as a side-note is important. Let’s face it, although we all want to fight against the “man” (Google, that is), it is a necessary beast and how the “man” views your webpages is important. Period.

When making linking strategy decisions with other partners, affiliates, and the like – we always consider Google Page Rank. For example, if your site is a 5, there would be no feasible reason for you to want to link to a 0. For that matter, even linking to a 1,000 0’s won’t help you! Remember the picture above, while you will have those little guys linking to you, if all you do is link to little 0’s – your actually hurting your ranking possibilities! Remember: its not the size that matters, its the quality!

When developing online co-branding and co-strategies, our team always make consideration for the Google Page Rank of the other party. Similar to the above, the old addage, “You are who you hang out with….” is an important concept to Google. Let’s make sure our online friends and partners are worthy of our presence.

When article marketing – most erroneously believe that the more you blast out your articles, to whereve you can get it published, the better! Right? Wrong! Again, if your marketing with artilces, your attempting to achieve to things: traffic and expert status. In either case, do you not think the reader’s perception of the “crowd” your content hangs out with, will affect their perception of you? In other words, it is better to be selective, based on many factors – including Google Page Rank – than to not be. Particularly if you are reaching a particular target or niche.

These are just some of the considerations our team makes when using Google tools like Page Rank. Afer all, you can not avoid a relationship with Google and its tools – it is impossible today. But, you can turn that around to actually help you make faster, smarter online marketing decisions – which in turn, get you faster, better results!

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