Captivate your audience.

Remember when marketing experts said the email bubble was bursting and eluded to the necessity of driving everyone to your social media profiles. They said social proof was the new currency.

They said social media was the new not-so-listy-list.

Well, here we are and guess what. The money is still in the list.

Yes, social media is groovy and the great white hype to take your business viral, have your content shared and increase your visibility, yadda yadda.

But… and, it’s a big one–social media is noisy, cluttered and ever-changing. You play by their rules, they own the data (your contacts) and at any time you could find yourself begging for mercy to the social gods.

Email, on the other hand, is all about you and your list. You own the data. You make up the rules. You build a captivated audience.

When you think about your “awareness to lead to sales” funnel (for lack of a better label), always think about how you can transform your traffic into a captivated audience.

Rather than cluttering your website with a thousand+1 social icons, status updates and widgets galore–make your main business/ministry/non-profit objective to captivate your audience… one subscriber at a time.

Instead of being one of many standing in a room shouting (as is the case in social media), you’ll be in a monogamous relationship with each subscriber.

Of course, this implies the necessity to nurture and value your list… but that’s an entirely different discussion I’ll save for a later time.

Until next week, onward and upward!

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