Authenticity, unicorns and rainbows.

Authenticity and other mythical creatures suck.

Authenticity, blah, blah, blah…

Here’s a big, fat chin-check about succeeding as an entrepreneur…

Authenticity is over-rated, a misnomer that gurus ((air quotes)) shout about to sell programs. Think about this for a minute. If you have to learn how to be authentic, are you really being authentic?

Contrary to popular belief, authenticity has less to do with being an “enlightened you” and more to do with being trustworthy.

Stop trying to create an online branded, “authentic” version of your inner child. Start being a trustworthy human being who lives to serve others (not just those who pay your bills).

Be valuable and you’ll be seen as valuable.

Be trustworthy and you’ll be trusted.

Make it happen this week…

Instead of posting/sharing online in auto-pilot mode, ask yourself these questions:

Am I posting/sharing for the sole purpose of “driving engagement” or “driving sales” or “influencing others” OR am I posting/sharing something that is truly valuable (educational, entertaining, empowering)?

Am I giving with an expectation of return, OR am I gifting my genius in service to others?

There are a million+1 ways for you to make it happen in your business (especially in your marketing and sales efforts). Forget authenticity, rainbows and unicorns. Be trustworthy and serve others. Rather than building just another taxable entity, you’ll actually build a profitable business that matters.

Until next week, onward and upward

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