Only for the Hardcore Internet Marketer … put together a great list “Top 50 Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2008.”  Great, great list… I’ve one concern:  If you have that much time to read 50 blogs regularly, you can’t possibly be a full-time marketer… Geesh, where do you get that much stinkin’ time?

5 from the list I read regularly:

  •  Anything related to search engine marketing can be found at this excellent blog.  Very technical, and definately for the savvy.
  •  Again, search engine marketing.   But these guys are great at spotting trends.  Technical and for the savvy.
  • Top Rank Blog: Super, duper blog regarding all things SEO and internet marketing.  This can be read by anybody at any level in the online marketing field.
  • CopyBlogger:  Copy is serious business online.  Very serious.  If everything else is good, and your copy stinks, its not pretty.  This is a great blog for learning copywriting.  I’m a regular reader.
  •  Lynn Terry has been in the game for a while, power to the females 🙂  Practical tips and good resources.  Less technical.

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